How did I get here?

I was born and raised in a little town in the middle of Nottingham and Derby. From the moment I could speak, I was impersonating Mr. Bean and The Incredible Hulk for my family. This was a very effective way of getting the attention I constantly required, and I never quite grew out of it, acting the clown on the playground, until I took on more dramatic roles in the school nativities. The annual school play was the best part of my year, every year until college. By this point, a love of Film, TV, Animation, Video Games and school trips to the Theatre cemented a creative drive in me and I decided to pursue a career as an Actor and Voice Artist.

I trained at East 15 Acting School from 2014-2017. In my third year of training, I was selected to be part of the school's team for the BBC Radio Carlton Hobbs competition, mentored by the wonderful Jeremy Mortimer. I graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) in Acting - and tens of thousands of pounds in debt.

I've since enjoyed a career across stage, screen and behind the mic.